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West Georgia Oral and Facial Surgery

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Patient Review from Tracy J

West Ga you were great.... such a great experience. Got us in sooner by putting us on a call list. Went over everything and explained everything made time for us listened and answered all my questions. They were very caring and made you feel at ease and comfortable. Everything went smoothly. And later that evening even called to check and see how my daughter was doing. WEST GA HAS AN AMAZING TEAM AND DR. LEE YOU ARE GREAT.... ALL OF THE STAFF WAS AWESOME.... I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THE GREAT EXPERIENCE WE HAD!!!!! #1 PLACE TO GO.....Only thing wrong was they did not take our insurance so had to pay out of pocket....WEST GA YOU WILL BE THE PLACE WE GO BACK TO.. I JUST CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!!!!

- Tracy J

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Patient Review from Bonnie-Jean H

I was impressed with the staff. The dental assistant that worked with me was kind and efficient. She gave me good information and put me at ease. I felt like I was in good hands. Dr. Zwickey was friendly and gave me good information and options. I felt I could trust him. When I had the extractions he put me at ease and showed concerned that I was comfortable. I had a great experience and very little pain, it was barely uncomfortable. I would choose this office again and have recommended them to my brother. I liked the staff of this office and the dental assistant was very personable, caring and good at her job. The dentist was excellent. absolutely five stars out of five. Would give more if I could.

- Bonnie-Jean H

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Patient Review from Joel P

I would definitely recommend

- Joel P

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Patient Review from Constance L

Great experience. D. Z and staff were courteous.

- Constance L

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Patient Review from Wanda R

Pretty fast and easy for having two teeth pulled

- Wanda R

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Patient Review from Wanda R

Jennie was an absolute delight! She was with me during the whole prep through the escort to the car. She calmed my nerves, administered the IV and anesthesia. She was very friendly and calming. I thank God for placing her in my path for this procedure.

- Wanda R

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Patient Review from Patricia M

Everyone was very nice and made me feel comfortable. I had a very pleasant experience and would definitely recommend that anyone would feel comfortable going there. My doctor and his staff did an excellent job on my teeth implants.

- Patricia M

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Patient Review from Clement K

The whole staff was amazing they treated me like a king the doctor was so great he never hurt me at all hope I don’t have to use them again but if I do they are the only one that I would go to

- Clement K

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Patient Review from Mary

Great I felt completely relaxed

- Mary

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Patient Review from Jenny R

I was able to easily schedule my daughter's wisdom teeth removal consultation and subsequent surgery. I appreciated being able to complete the paperwork online prior to our first visit. The nurse was super friendly and gave us very thorough information about the procedure before the doctor even came into the room. When he did, he put my daughter (and me) right at ease. The surgery day ran like clockwork and we felt very prepared for what to expect during and afterward. Dr. Allen even came out to speak to me at the car after the procedure (because of COVID we had to wait in the car during my daughter's surgery). The aftercare information was easily understandable and the staff called later that day to check-in and make sure all was well. We will definitely be coming back to West GA for my younger daughter's wisdom teeth in the near future!

- Jenny R

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Patient Review from larry p

Dr. Allen performed implants for me and it was a very wonderful experience. his team of assistants were very friendly, professional, and their experience was very evident. I liked the way that Dr. Allen talked through the whole procedure letting me know what he was doing and it had a vey calming effect. I would recommend Dr. Allen and his team to anyone needing implants.

- larry p

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Patient Review from Faith T

I could not be happier with the experience I had. This is how every doctor's office should be ran. The team was extremely friendly and completely on top of everything. Absolutely AMAZING experience!

- Faith T

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Patient Review from Lisa A

OMGosh_ I am 47 and had top 2 Wisdom teeth removed . No Issues and had no soreness for real not even in my jaws!!!!!!!

- Lisa A

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Patient Review from Wendy D

I was really anxious about my twins having their wisdom teeth removed at the same time, but Dr. Allen and his staff made it so easy. They took great care of all of us and it really could not have gone smoother. I would definitely recommend this team to anyone needing oral surgery.

- Wendy D

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Patient Review from Eric F

Experienced great professional and courteous service from all of the staff. Definitely a 5 Star experience.

- Eric F

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Patient Review from Sheila B

Dr Allen and staff were very professional and courteous. They answered all my questions and were extremely kind. I would recommend them to everyone.

- Sheila B

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Patient Review from Brittany I

My entire experience from the office staff to the doctors to the recovery was more than I could ask for. I’d like to point our Erica. She was so nice, extremely caring and answered all my questions happily with a smile on her face. I overheard her out in the hall talking to her other co workers and wow! They need more of her. It made me feel so good that she loved her job that much. I know I had been referred to the right place. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

- Brittany I

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Patient Review from James C

Great experience again!

- James C

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Patient Review from otis g

Absolutely the best dental experience of my life and, unfortunately, I have had MANY bad ones in my past.

- otis g

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Patient Review from Kim G

If your here reading reviews it probably means your gonna have to part ways with some major cash to have a procedure done. That’s just not a great feeling to start with. Then there’s the question is this gonna hurt and if so how long? Am I making a rash call to judgement? Am I in good hands? All these ?’s and then some danced around inside my cranium for several months. But then the time came where time was no longer on my side and I just had to bite the bullet and go see the doc. I’m a week post op with 4 dental implants now, and I can absolutely say Dr. Lee Allen is hands down the beez-kneez folks! He and his surgical staff will address all of your fears, concerns, etc. They explain EVERYTHING they are going to do BEFORE they do it. They do a jam up job at putting your anxiety to rest. Just a little advice if I’s ok to do research on whatever your getting done but sometimes to much research is just that....too much! in my case “to much” just brought on more doubt and worry. So with that said, I’ll leave you with this.....if you want someone to listen, address your concerns, answer all your questions, be honest, and forthcoming upfront, and ABOVE ALL ELSE, DO A JAM UP JOB, then Dr. Lee Allen is the BEST! The only thing I left behind were some unwanted teeth and my wallet. All jokes aside, I never leave reviews unless I have a good reason, and this time I took the time because it’s not fair not to share! Dr. Lee Allen is very professional and highly blessed with talent. You won’t be unhappy!

- Kim G

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