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West Georgia Oral and Facial Surgery

5 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews.

Patient Review from Deborah S

Dr. Jacobs and all of the staff were very kind and knowledgeable. Eased my anxiety by spending time with me and answering my questions.

- Deborah S

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Patient Review from Selena M

I have terrible dental anxiety, and had put getting a tooth taken care of for over a year. That tooth ended up needing to be extracted. Dr. Allen removed it along with my wisdom teeth. His office made me so comfortable the day of. The nurses and his assistants were awesome. I was so scared to be put under, but they made it the easiest experience ever! I highly recommend them!

- Selena M

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Patient Review

was surprised and very pleased with the ease of getting a appointment (with referral from my dentist) for a emergency extraction. Had no pain during procedure. will be back if needed

- Anonymous

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